3 Ways to Integrate SEO and PPC Ads for Enhanced Results

Too often businesses take a singular approach to digital marketing, unaware of the benefits a multi-faceted campaign can bring. As a leading SEO and PPC ads agency in Norwich, combining the two services allows our team to take an integrated strategy to elevate your online presence and achieve superior results.

Our approach drives both immediate and long-term benefits, with these three tips being our top strategies for synergising SEO and PPC ads for our clients.

Harmonise Keyword Targeting Across SEO and PPC Ads

Keywords are at the forefront of both our SEO and PPC services. For SEO, we improve organic search by aligning results with the user’s high-intent search queries on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). But combining this with Google Ads will significantly improve your site’s visibility. Having these PPC ads run at the top of search results means potential customers seeing your business first when looking for products and services through paid search; whilst if you’re already ranking highly in organic search for the same keywords, they’ll also see you in organic search results too.

This is a great way to not only see an increase in clicks – and ultimately, conversions – but to build trust with potential customers seeing your authority across search results.

Our Tip: Optimise both SEO and PPC ads around high-performing keywords to allow your content to rank for increased relevancy and usefulness on Google SERPs.

Improve Quality Score to Lower PPC Ads Cost

Whichever form of PPC you choose – be it Meta, Google, or LinkedIn ads – one of your ultimate goals is to drive down your costs, reaching more customers for less. For Google, your ads’ Quality Score is how appropriate your ads for what users are looking for, in comparison to your competitors.

Quality Score is determined by three main elements: their click-through rate; ad relevancy; and the quality of the ad’s landing page. Improving your SEO therefore goes hand-in-hand with this.

Your landing page for example could be your website’s home page which, if optimised for SEO, will also increase the chance of your ad achieving higher rankings. And the more your ad directly correlates with your landing pages, the more likely users are going to follow through with their initial intentions, being reassured by the content that’s been put before them.

That means there’s a reduced chance of users clicking off your website, and the more chance of getting that all-important conversion to them becoming your new customer. A higher conversion rate leads to a fall in PPC costs for both costs per lead AND acquisition. What’s not to like?

Our Tip: Maximise your conversion rate through relevant ads and optimised on-site SEO to lower PPC costs.

Use PPC Ads Data to Inform SEO Strategy (and Vice Versa!)

We’ve already discussed two ways SEO and PPC can work together for enhanced digital marketing campaigns, both through improving visibility and driving down costs (often together!).

But analysing your PPC and SEO data allows you to tap into the wealth of information at your fingertips for informing immediate and long-term strategy. Just some possibilities include:

• Using PPC to support important keywords that are struggling organically.

• Using SEO platforms like Google Analytics to build remarketing audiences for your PPC campaigns.

• Understanding user behaviour by analysing click-through rates (CTR) and conversion data.

• Increasing a higher overall click volume by running both SEO and PPC together, growing brand awareness in the process.

Growing Your Business

SEO and PPC ads often seem at odds with each other in rivalry to improve your campaign results in entirely separate ways. But they share too many similarities to be treated as separate entities.

These key three strategies are just the starting point for giving us the results we need to become a leading SEO and PPC agency in Norwich. Our clients continue to enjoy seeing increased performance through link clicks and conversions thanks to our synergised approach to these two core digital marketing services.

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