Influencer Marketing Campaign for NHS Vaccine Uptake

How Coder Agency harnessed local influencers to drive vaccination uptake during a global pandemic

The Challenge

With the UK emerging from nationwide lockdown in early 2021, vaccine uptake was imperative to the country’s sustained reopening. Local and regional residents needed awareness, trust and reassurance that taking the vaccine was a crucial, life-saving action.

The Strategy

Collaborating with local influencer Sam Bird, we created content targeted towards 18-29 year olds about the vaccine uptake’s process and benefits. Videos of Sam taking the vaccine, promoting walk-in clinics, and answering vaccine-related questions were not only informative but suitably authoritative as a trusted local voice.

The Results:

Our partnership with Sam was a great success. His video taking the vaccine received 66.4k impressions, reaching 22k people and having 15.6k ThruPlays. Age breakdown showed the largest impressions, reach, and ThruPlays being those between 16-20, allowing for further optimisation moving forward. Promotion of walk-in clinics received 1.5k link clinks from a reach of 27.4k and impressions of 87.1k. Answering questions related to the vaccine generated 12.9k ThruPlays through a broader reach of 13.9k and 27.5k impressions.


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