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How Coder Agency maximised paid advertising for Avant’s lead generation campaign.

The Challenge

Avant, a prominent multi-functional loader supplier, found itself grappling with the challenges of lead acquisition, precise audience targeting, and managing the cost per lead across its diverse loader series. Tasked with the mission to enhance conversion rates while concurrently slashing the cost per lead, Coder Agency stepped in to tackle these pressing concerns.

The Strategy

Informative artwork, bold visuals, clear calls to action and relevant copy combined to formulate powerful and effective ads that reached the appropriate audience. Potential customers were segmented by age, location, demographics, and wider interests in agricultural machinery and landscaping.

The Results:

Over three months, we generated Avant a total of 841 leads, reducing their cost per lead to just £2.60. Impressions clocked in at an impressive 701,752, reaching a notable 164,727 people. Across individual loader models, cost per lead varied from £1.86 to £3.25.


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