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ABC Competitions

How Coder Agency skyrocketed ABC Competition’s ROAS through the power of paid advertising.

The Challenge

ABC Competitions faced challenges with its Facebook Ad campaigns, specifically low returns on ad spend, suboptimal reach, and less-than-satisfactory conversion rates. Their goal was to boost these metrics, maximise website sales, and reduce cost per purchase, tasks Coder Agency was brought on board to address.

The Strategy

We deployed a comprehensive strategy involving top-of-funnel ads and retargeting adverts to attract new customers and re-engage past visitors. Utilising their vast experience, our team performed extensive A/B testing to determine the most effective creatives and audience segments.

The Results:

Our robust strategy delivered remarkable results over a 6-month period. A total of £75,002.52 was spent on Facebook ads, yielding 44,989 purchases, and leading to an impressive £789,158.99 in website sales. This translated into a robust 10.52 ROAS. The campaigns reached 1,545,825 people and generated 9,227,364 impressions, contributing to 32,996 landing page views. Most notably, cost per purchase reduced to a mere £1.67.


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"Coder Agency's expertise in digital marketing made all the difference. Their strategic approach, creative executions, and comprehensive A/B testing significantly boosted our reach and sales. Their work was simply transformational."
- Jane Thompson, Marketing Director, ABC Competitions.
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